Unveiling the Power of a Clearer Picture

In the fast-paced world of marketing and sales, the saying "a picture is worth a thousand words" has taken on a new meaning. However, not all pictures are created equal, especially regarding leads and past customers. In this blog, we'll take a deep dive into highlighting the significance of complete and accurate data customer engagement and how Activator, powered by Salesforce, transforms your leads into a clearer picture of potential customers.


The Impact of Incomplete Data

What happens when the picture you have of your customer is incomplete? Missing or incorrect data can cast a shadow of uncertainty, leaving marketers and sales teams in the dark about their target audience. Without the right information, reaching potential customers effectively becomes a challenging task. Missed data can lead to missed opportunities to engage and sell to your hard-earned valued customers. 

Types of incomplete data include, incomplete, malformed, and duplicate customer records. For example, many dealerships are faced with duplicate customer records that can come from a variety of places, but 

Metrics to support:

  • 18-40% of emails in the DMS are invalid or spam traps
  • 90% in some cases are invalid or spam traps
  • 15-30% are duplicates 

Unveiling the Complete Picture

Delve into the transformative effect of combining data from various sources. By leveraging a CDP and best-in-class Data Quality solutions to dedupe, validate, and enrich, the missing pieces of the puzzle begin to fill in. This process enhances customer profiles, offering a more precise and detailed image of potential and previous customers.

Multichannel Engagement for Meaningful Relationships

Multichannel engagement, at its core, means connecting with customers on their terms. It is important to engage potential customers through various platforms and gather valuable insights into their preferences and interactions. The ultimate goal is to establish authentic relationships that transcend mere transactions. Meet your customers where they are in their buyer journeys and how they want to interact with your dealership. Engagement data from these touch points helps further create clearer pictures of customers, with each interaction acting like a pixel on a TV to create the bigger picture. 

The Significance of Handraisers

The term "handraisers" means potential customers who have demonstrated interest in buying a car, typically by requesting more information, filling out a form, or scheduling a test drive. These individuals take actions such as submitting forms, requesting information, or booking test drives. They have already shown interest by purchasing in the past, making them more likely to convert again compared to new prospects. 

Past customers may have a shorter decision-making process as they are already familiar with your products and services. This can lead to quicker conversions compared to the longer sales cycle often required for new prospects. You can also tailor your marketing messages more precisely when targeting past customers. You can leverage data about their previous purchases and interactions to provide highly relevant offers and incentives, increasing the chances of engagement.

When customers are not ready to transact, their interactions also drive other types of content to engage, further build relationships and ultimately earn the trust to purchase a new vehicle from the dealership. 

It is important to underscore the high conversion potential of handraisers, as they are more likely to convert into sales, ultimately boosting profitability. They are higher value than almost any other lead source that a dealership has - these are past customers who, through their engagement, are telling you that they want to speak to someone about purchasing another vehicle. The cost of these customers is typically lower to convert than a brand-new lead or prospect, making this a win overall for ROI. 

Activator's Success Story

Activator's top dealers see success using a hybrid Customer Data Platform (CDP) and Multichannel Marketing Journey Builder. With an impressive +20% increase in overall reach and a 13% surge in year-over-year sales volume, Activator's impact is evident and is pivotal in generating positive dealership outcomes.

Unlocking the Power of a Clearer Picture

Unlock the power of a clearer picture by choosing Activator. Powered by Salesforce, Activator offers a solution that fills the gaps in lead data, leverages multi-channel engagement, and capitalizes on the potential of handraisers. Schedule a demo and witness firsthand the transformative capabilities of Activator.

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