Handraisers: The Key to Success in the Automotive Industry

In the competitive world of automotive sales, it's crucial to stay ahead of the curve and make the most of every opportunity. A steady stream of handraisers is one of the most valuable assets a dealership can have. But what exactly are handraisers, and why are they so important?

Activator defines handraisers as potential customers who have shown a strong interest in buying a car, typically by requesting more information, filling out a form, or scheduling a test drive. These leads are highly valuable because they represent past customers that have qualified themselves through their interaction as being ready to purchase.

The benefits of handraisers are clear. By focusing on these highly engaged leads, dealerships can maximize their chances of making a sale and increase their lead conversion rates. This not only drives revenue but also helps to build a more substantial customer base for future interactions.

So how can dealerships generate handraisers and make the most of this valuable resource? There are a few key strategies to keep in mind:

  1. Know your customer: Get a clear picture of your customers using a Customer Data Platform that houses and unifies all your customer data. 

  2. Optimize Your Website: Your website is often the first touchpoint with potential customers, so ensuring it is optimized for lead generation is essential. This includes clear calls to action, such as a "Request More Information" button, and ensuring your contact information is prominently displayed.

  3. Automate Your Multichannel Marketing Solution: Multichannel marketing journeys that send cohesive messaging through SMS(text), email marketing, and direct mail can help you stay in front of potential customers and keep them engaged with your dealership. These tools allow you to send targeted, personalized messages to your leads in the channel they prefer to interact in, building trust and increasing the likelihood of a sale.

  4. Future Proof Your Marketing Using Insights: Find the latest trends in your reporting and dashboards to provide transparency into attribution and ROI to validate and optimize your future marketing with campaigns that work. 

In conclusion, handraisers are a vital resource for dealerships. By focusing on lead generation and your current customer base and making the most of every opportunity, you can build a solid customer base, drive sales, and stay ahead of the competition.

Download the Schaumburg Kia case study to learn how Activator's platform created handraisers for our dealer.



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